Amoya Connekt PTY (Ltd) is an Optic Fibre Network Operator in South Africa with strong technical expertise and capabilities, combined with top-notch infrastructure and equipment. This allows us to operate a range of networks and provide excellent service offerings, performance metrics and customer support and maintenance.

Our network and infrastructure cater to all homes, businesses, schools, non-profit groups, health service providers, municipalities and other uses, in areas with limited or no connectivity.

We provide our customers with turnkey connectivity solutions within our targeted areas, which are areas with limited or no connectivity at all


AMOYA Connekt PTY (Ltd), was established in 2023 through a joint venture from 4 Highly experienced and dynamic entities within the Telecoms and Technology space. This all came to fruition for the sole purpose of introducing a new kind of FNO culture, mentality and way we approach the market and our consumers. In order for us to take advantage of the connectivity opportunities in South Africa we have identified that we would need a totally revamped approach, strategy and understanding. Together, we have combined experience of over 60 years’ in Telecoms space, which included fibre networks building, engineering, operations management and finance


Our technical skills and proven capabilities below, make it possible for us to deliver turnkey connectivity solutions.

Our infrastructure and equipment include:

  • The latest fibre-optic cables and connectors to ensure high-speed data transmission
  • Access to robust data centers for system control, data backup and recovery
  • Advanced routers and switching equipment for efficient network management


High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds designed for FTTH and FTTB

MICSETA Certification

We are accredited with MICSETA for Information Technology in the areas of Further Education Training

Turnkey Network Solutions

Network planning, surveying, design, rollout, operate, commissioning and management/handover